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How To Clean Diamond Rings


Diamond rings easily pick up grime and dirt over weeks and months that they’re worn on your finger and cleaning it to bring back their original sparkle isn’t as easy as it sounds since there are some precautions that should be taken before you proceed. Learn more about custom wedding rings, go here.

One of the best and at the same time, most effective methods of cleaning your diamond rings is done through the “soap sud” method. Find out for further details on ring quality right here.

For this method, what you need to do is just pour a bit of boiling water in the small recipient to which it has couple of drops of liquid detergent that’s been added. After that, take an old tooth brush and dip it to the solution, then start brushing the ring again. As you do so, make it a point that the bristles of the brush that you are using penetrate the small opening around the diamond. Keep on doing this for as long as you like till you are satisfied that the bristles were able to penetrate all the orifices within and around the mount and also, the diamond itself.

Needless to say, see to it that the sink has been blocked so by that, you are eliminating the risk of your ring falling to the water hole. Then, just rinse the diamond ring under hot tap in an effort to remove any soap residue that have remained and then dry the ring by using a tissue or clean kitchen towel.

There’s one very important step that you need to do as you are about to do this method and it involves methylated spirits. What you need to do is to just place the ring in small recipient that has some amounts of methylated spirits for 15 seconds at least. To be able to create ea movement, wiggle it a little bit in the solution. You should use a clean kitchen towel or a tissue again to dry it out when done.

The methylated spirits is going to help in reviving the brilliance of metal and it’ll again shine and remove any “haze” effect that’s left by the liquid detergent and thus, giving the diamond extra sparkle. This method whether you believe it or not is mostly used by a number of different jewelry shops and encouraging others to also do the same as it does no damage to the diamond ring. And under no circumstances that any hard objects is used to pry to the orifices of the ring or anything harder than the bristles of toothbrush, there is a chance of scratching the metal of the ring. Keep these things in mind to preserve the beauty and elegance of your diamond ring. You can go to this site http://www.britannica.com/art/ring-jewelry for more great tips!

Diamond Rings – Choosing the Perfect One for that Special Day


Throughout history, diamond rings have been a popular choice, especially during an engagement. This type of jewelry has become larger, more elaborate, and has included a wide array of other jewels and metals. However, in these modern times, possessing the ring needs you to give it a new look. If you like to give the ring, you have to consider your purpose and not merely on the traditional reasons of engagement rings, wedding rings, or promise rings. Here’s  a good post to read about wilson diamonds, check this out!

Because there is a growing need of diamond rings, it resulted to the creation of cheap replicas in order to fulfill the social and cultural obligations. Today, couples choose Moissanite and platinum engagement rings as alternatives to the diamond engagement rings while cubic zirconium diamond can also be used. However, if you want a meaningful gift, there is no substitute to having a real diamond ring.

It is a fact that just a few people can afford the original item so you need to expect a market that offers replicas of diamond rings. To avoid getting a replica, one of your options is to buy the ring from pawnshops. They have a wide variety of diamond rings that they are eager to sell at a lesser cost. Find out the best diamonds here.

When shopping for diamond rings for a wedding anniversary, be sure to have good thoughts on how you can present the jewelry. You might want also to buy men’s diamond rings so be sure that you are familiar with the shape and size of their hands. Think about also the type of ring, including the three stone diamond rings that area available in an array of shaped stones.

When it comes to shopping for diamond ring, the most daunting task perhaps is to find out the style that your significant other will surely like. You can speak to your family and friends as well as check the internet to get a general idea of what you can get.

Moreover, you have to ignore some cultural myths regarding diamond rings if you want to get one for yourself. You can wear the jewelry even if you are not yet engaged to be married. You can locate different shapes and sizes of diamond rings for both men and women. They are offered from small and simple to big and flashy for any point you have or the important occasions.

Once you are searching for a diamond ring, you know you can go out and obtain one for yourself or for your special someone. You ought have the right reasons to get the item and secure the person that you truly love him. Diamond rings are aimed to represent a very strong and lasting bond so it will be up to you to have your own reason to get the band. Please click this link http://www.mahalo.com/how-to-insure-your-engagement-ring for more great tips!

Choosing the Most Appropriate Diamond Ring


Finding a suitable diamond ring for the woman is a bit of a headache for most guys. In most cases, it has become a symbol for love. In this manner, making the need for individual to have such expensive material stuff. With this, it is important for buyer to consider some points prior to purchasing a ring. Here’s a good read about engagement rings, check it out!

Essentially, there are two various types of rings. One is the engagement, where this ring is for the bride to be during the proposal of the man, while the second one is the wedding ring where the couple wears throughout their marriage life. The difference between the two types of rings is the design on the emphasis of diamond. It is being said that in order for the lady to accept the proposal, the engagement ring has to be so bright that it will shine in the moonlight. Thus, diamond has to be defined clearly in the ring. Since wedding ring is worn throughout the entire marriage life, then it is possible for a wear and tear. Therefore, such rings will have simple designs. You must remember that element of amazement should be reserved for rings in engagement, making it difficult for a man to get. To gather more awesome ideas on diamond rings, click here to get started.

Before choosing the best diamond, you need to be familiarize with the 4Cs. The meaning of 4Cs is the cut, carat, the color and the clarity of the diamond. These four components indicates the price and quality of a diamond.

It is important that you must understand her options. Try to know your woman’s favourite kind of diamond so that you will not miss the feature out. Given an example, she might like the smaller stone of diamond but with great color combination or she would might like the opposite, a bigger diamond so that there will be emphasis of the stone. Another thing to consider is the ring band. Depending on the color, the band could give a good contrast also. Aside from the color, the durability of the band needs to be considered too.

It is important to examine first whenever you buy the ring, whether it would be online or in a jewellery store. You need to know the jeweller as well as the details in purchasing through online. It is advisable to read forums to learn about the jewel shop.

And lastly, arrange for your best surprise proposal. Always consider having a plan B when making a proposal so that the first option will not work out, then you will have a back up plan in the future. Kindly visit this website http://www.ehow.com/how_4488346_buy-diamond-rings.html for more useful reference.

Different Types Of Diamond Rings


Diamond rings are categorized popularly as wedding, friendship, archetypal solitaires, engagement, eternity, cocktail and anniversary rings. Rings that are under each of the said categories carry their own purpose, meaning and significance. Let us take a look at each type in detail in the next paragraphs. Read more great facts on custom wedding rings, click here.

Number 1. Engagement diamond rings – these are designed specifically to indicate the affection and love of couples to each other. Big sized diamonds as well as other precious gemstones are adorning the band. These kinds of rings are given either while proposing love or on the day of the engagement. For this ring, the most popular design is the heart shape or the lover’s knot. For more useful reference regarding ring quality, have  a  peek here.

Before, these are designed to go well with the engagement rings when the two lovers are exchanging it and making their vows. The 3 stones present in the wedding ring means the past, the present and future.

Number 2. Archetypal solitaire diamond rings – these rings commonly have 4, 6 or 8 prongs to hold the diamonds in place. However, the more complicated designs may include diamonds held together with each other across the band.

Number 3. Friendship rings – these are those that have a simple yet an elegant look without signifying any intimate feelings towards the other. Hence, these rings do not feature love knots or heart shape designs but, they may feature words like friends, friendship and other nature inspired design.

Number 4. Cocktail ring – you can easily identify this as being a huge ring along with a big diamond or gemstone at the center. Preferably, these are donned while attending parties and special events as they’re certain to grab anyone’s attention from the crowd.

Other types of rings are stacker, heirloom, fashion and accent rings. The latter are the ones that have a diamond in the midpoint with several other gems at the sides to accent it. Heirloom rings on the other hand are being passed from one generation to the next and these types of diamond rings are chosen with utmost care. Fashion rings or otherwise known as distinctly shaped rings are more popular most especially to teenagers. These fashion rings often feature unusual designs and shapes of pets, flowers or even insects.

Stacker rings however makes it possible to stack over each ring because they have the same sizes and shapes. The thing is, each one has different colors so you can either decrease or increase the height of stack which all depend to your mood, fancy as well as occasion.

If you are about to buy a diamond ring, better learn about its types first to know which one suits best to you. Please view this site http://www.wikihow.com/Buy-a-Diamond-Ring for further details.

Level Up Your Romance With a Diamond Engagement Ring


Diamonds have become the epitome of true love for over a hundred of years. A diamond can embody many ideal such as love, affection, security, trust, and commitment that could last a life time. Words will no longer be needed if you give a women a diamond especially a diamond ring. The diamond itself will send the message to everyone that you are serious with her. The diamond ring is the best way to express your love. Learn more about wilson diamonds, go here.

Online jewelry stores offers many different types of diamond engagement rings. The styles and shapes of these diamond engagement rings vary from type to type. Not only is the diamond beautiful it is also the hardest substance to exist in the earth so using this for your engagement ring is very apt. These are the reasons why people who wear diamond rings think that it can bring them luck in their lives. That is why the diamond engagement ring, solitaire ring, diamond platinum engagement ring, discounted diamond engagement ring, and other types of diamond rings have become a customary gifts for those that you love.

Among those rings that was previously mentioned the diamond solitaire ring is thought to be the one that aptly represent your love. The beauty that can be seen in a solitaire diamond ring is unparalleled to those other type of tings. Four to eight claws hold the diamond in a solitaire ring. Another captivating metal is the platinum which also uses prongs in its setting. If the diamond is paired with platinum which is usually thin, the diamond will stand out more.

There are also other diamond engagement rings that are also considered beautiful and very romantic. This is a ring that is known as the past, present, future ring. This type of ring represent the thought that love was in the past, in the present, and will be in the future. The ring have three diamonds. The design is usually described as something having a centerpiece, wherein one diamond serves as the center and the other two will surround it or it could be they will be clustered together. Another elegant arrangement is called side stone diamond engagement rings. The side stone diamond engagement ring will look good in working women.

There are diamond rings that are considered antique. They are also sometimes called Victorian rings. The diamond in this ring will look better if it is paired with other rings. By giving your lover a diamond engagement ring then you will surely see her walk down the aisle since diamonds are girls’ best friend. Take a look at this link https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diamond_ring for more information.